Discover a full-fledged asset management and viewing experience with just your browser.

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<p class="w_color f_p f_size_16 drdt-ignore-dark"> Discover a full-fledged asset management and viewing experience with just your browser.            </p>
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Unleash the Power of Your Data

As the last mile of our ecosystem, geoRÄISE Web puts you in full control of your data, your team, and your decisions. Accessible from any web browser, geoRÄISE Web enables you to manage and monitor all of your asset information with ease.

Full-Experience in your Browser

For User
For Asset
For Data
For Team

Streamline Your Team’s Access

Effortlessly create and manage your team’s user accounts with geoRÄISE Web. Define their roles and permissions, and keep everyone on the same page for seamless collaboration.

Dynamic Creation & Control

Take control of your assets with geoRÄISE Web’s highly dynamic creation and management tools. With support for different module types, creating and managing assets has never been easier.

Effortlessly Transform Your Raw Data

Transform your raw data into valuable geospatial output with geoRÄISE Web’s exclusive geo-processing module. Say goodbye to tedious data processing and focus on making informed decisions.

Promote Collaboration & Productivity

Encourage teamwork with geoRÄISE Web’s full suite of collaboration features, including smart annotation, report generation and sharing, and activity tracking. Unlock your team’s full potential.

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As a registered geoRÄISE user, take full control and manage your assets effortlessly with our web-based tool accessible from any browser.

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