Looking to annotate your visual inspection findings? Look no further!

On-Image Annotation

Transform the way you annotate findings during your inspection sessions with geoRÄISE Web. With our annotation tools, you can easily highlight areas of interest, define severity levels, add remarks, and take action using your personalized workflow.

On-Map Annotation

Don’t limit your annotation work to just images. With geoRÄISE, our versatile annotation tool can be extended to your 2D map data, ensuring you have the flexibility you need to complete your inspection workflow seamlessly.

Personalized Inspection Workflow

Customize your inspection finding annotations to meet your unique asset requirements.


Define your annotation module

Create customized annotation options, including compliance status, predefined parameters, severity levels, and user remarks, to suit your asset inspection needs.


Define your severity level

Tailor up to 5 levels of severities to meet your specific requirements. You can even customize severity levels to align with your organization's standards.


Define your inspection status

Track the status of your inspection findings with ease. Choose from Open, In-Progress, or Overdue, or customize your own status options to match your organization's workflow.


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On-Image Annotation Video Guide

On-Map Annotation Video Guide